Sunday, November 22, 2015

Life Artist

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else. (Leonardo da Vinci)
A German friend of mind once called me a "Lebenskuenstler", which literally translated means "life artist". The other day I asked a British native whether there is an expression that captures the meaning "artist of life", and he replied that only expressions like Bohemian or philosopher come to his mind. 

I was never good at art. I was never neat, and struggled with the technique of painting, yet I too wanted to express concepts with the means at my disposal. But then, I received the final blow sometime in 5th grade when my art teacher remarked that the air plane that I had drawn looked like a penis. Oh well, I moved on to other things and didn't miss art much.

But then some time back I discovered synchronicity. I realized that the Law of Oneness is not an abstract spiritual claim, it is something that you can discover for yourself and see in front of you every step of the Way. You suddenly realize that the dimensions of life we grew up with are just a facade, and that there is something infinitely more beautiful hidden beneath it. You become just like Leonardo da Vinci, someone who sees life with a different set of eyes.

But then, waking up to a new dimension of life isn't always a pleasure cruise either. It is a process of letting go of the old and opening up to something new. A period of back of forth is natural; it will take a while until you have entirely embraced the new Way of experiencing life. In a similar fashion, being an artist sounds so romantic, but if you knew at what personal cost the artist give birth to some of her best creations, you would better understand the struggles a spiritual traveler has to undergo as well. 

The German expression "Lebenskuenstler" describes someone who has made it. Someone who goes with the flow and somehow, no matter what, always lands on her feet. That is the impression of the "life artist" that I would like to leave with you too. Being a spiritual travelers, has its magic and its perks. Don't focus on them though; focus on the next step along the Way instead. That's what a painter does to. You create the masterpiece, admire it, and then move on to the next project. Our journey is about going Home; everything else is just be a beautiful byproduct along the Way.

Why don't we introduce the expression "life artist" to the English dictionary as well. Hope you will join us experiencing life with Leonardo da Vinci's eyes and become one.

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