Sunday, November 1, 2015

Light Workers

I've taken my bows
and my curtain calls

You brought me fame and fortune and everything that
goes with it. I thank you all

But it's been no bed of roses,
no pleasure cruise

I consider it a challenge before the whole human race
and I ain't gonna lose

(Queen, We are the Champions) 

They say humanity is entering a new epoch in consciousness. They say larger and larger segments of the population are awakening to a new dimension of their spiritual being. A 'New Earth', as Eckhart Tolle has coined it, is about to manifest itself, where people go in new professions that are less competitive and more caring, while others help transforming the old industries with their very presence. Sometimes as visionary leaders, but often simply by being in the background, ensuring that the wheels of change roll smoothly.

I am a light worker, and I work quite hard at this 'New Earth'. Freddie Mercury's old song came to mind when I started putting my thoughts on paper. It is certainly no bed of roses and no pleasure cruise either. But you know what, the resistance I am facing is not coming from the evil dark workers who want to hold me back; the uphill struggle lies inside of me; it is the fear that I might end up like Dostojevski's idiot, well-meaning, but ready for the mental asylum when everything is said and done.

The trick is to step out of the mind, period. Little blessings are everywhere: rewards that no one else can see but us, or friends waving from corners that many simply overlook. The light worker has incredible creativity at her disposal and has so much love to fall back on. But there is resistance along the Way. Unfortunately no divine Force can help us with our self-doubts because that would interfere with the right and duty to choose our destiny for ourselves. But we can always calm our mind by looking for that friend standing nearby, and by reaching for that empty piece of paper that awaits our creative ideas.

The bows will come, as will the curtain calls. It might not be the fame that others are running after, but it will be meaningful to you and will feel very special. Meanwhile, accept the ups and downs that life brings and use every opportunity to step out of the self-imposed plain. It is in your power as a light worker, always. It does get easier my friend, for the very reason that the trust grows in you that everything is being taken care of no matter what. It is a challenge before the entire race but we have powerful friends so we ain't gonna lose.

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