Monday, November 16, 2015

Stop and Observe

Have you ever had that experience that you wake up with a foul mood, and then you get upset without regard to whatever it is that is happening to you?  If you face a situation like this, perhaps the best way to handle it is to stop everything and observe yourself. Just let the foul mood be there. Don't you think that this more productive than losing your temper at whoever is crossing your path and create more problems in the process?

As time goes by, you may realize why you have that foul mood in the first place and you are ready to take constructive action. Perhaps you are upset at some people and some situations, and you are now able to deal with them in more constructive ways.

 “Stop and observe” is just as important as “taking action and solving the problem”.  Only after we “stop and observe “ can we figure out where we got entangled; otherwise we are just taking actions like a robot.  As we are already stuck, this old pattern of solving the problems won’t be able to satisfy us and solve our real issues.

“Stop and observe”.  Let the Way deal with your problems and see how many issues dissolve by themselves.

By Su Zhen 

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