Saturday, January 9, 2016

Avoid Judgment - Just Be Mindful

A grown man kneels on the floor and screams as the whip of the Dominatrix slices through his skin. You can look at this scene and ask why in a normative fashion. Why would a grown man, a judge or a police chief with a family, reputation and a profession to risk, dare to succumb to these dark pleasures? Well, you can, but then you simply continue the same not-so-merry-go-around game that got him in this place to start with. Our ego is the institution that judges our dark desires, but is also the voice that whispers on a full moon night that kinky stuff like that is worth our while.

What we can do instead, we can ask more helpful questions. Why is pain equated with sexual pleasure? Why is there the desire of being beaten up by a surrogate mother figure? Why is there this dark energy floating around in the first place, ready to be expressed in a twisted sexual fashion? Mindfulness is the answer, not judgment. Simply observe! Who can say whether BDSM is the problem or the solution. Emotions need to flow, soul-lessons need to be learned. For some acting out the negative energy might be the way, for some re-channeling this energy, and for others quitting the job that caused the imbalance to start with.

When you look at the situation from a spiritual perspective then you naturally come to the conclusion not to engage in these practices. What use is it to re-activate the negative energy by expressing it one more time in a sexual way? BDSM is a power game. Someone in on top, someone is below. So the judge and the police chief are just recycling violent energy from their work that they have been unable to digest. What looks to be like an honorable and a much needed profession - Law, Law Enforcement, Army - is in fact a spiritual divination from the Way; yet, someone has to do it; and the people who do it need to find their way to deal with the negative energy.

We cannot say what the solution should be. Should they simply quit their profession to find peace of mind? Should someone else do their "dirty" job, that many would say is in fact an honorable and necessary one? Emotions have to be expressed to stay healthy. Perhaps the whole dimension of the problem can only be brought to the surface for some by sexually reliving the professional problem-statement. Isn't it better for all parties involved if they let off some steam rather than falling sick from the undefeated energy imbalance? No-one has the right to say what the solution should be. There is no right or wrong. There can only be observation of the turmoil inside, a contemplation of the question why it is happening in the first place, and an examination of what should be done about it. The heart knows what it wants, and the soul needs to live through what it set out to do.

Avoid judgment - mindfulness is the way.

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