Monday, January 11, 2016

On Spiritual Projection

My brother remarked the other day that politicians have an amazing ability to connect with us emotionally. He listened to a debate and was taken in by someone who made a particular point; but then, when he listened to the opposite argument by another skilled politician, that too sounded convincing!

I was reminded of the conversation with my brother when my eyes glanced briefly at a TV while I was at the gym. I couldn't hear what was being discussed, but I saw how the audience was glued to what a white-haired gentleman was saying. This scene is an energy exchange really, where the skilled politician is just airing back what the audience is projecting into him. No one is any wiser afterwards, but everyone gets what they want: fame and power for the politician, and some peace of mind and acknowledgement of their collective concerns for the audience.

Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra (or the late Wayne Dyer) perform this role. It is a spiritual projection really. Yes, there is some education when the spiritual aspirants meet their gurus; and yes, there is probably an initiation of a spiritual awakening process going on as well, but that probably would have happened anyway. What no one wants to admit, however, there is also spiritual projection going on. The audience feels at peace when they transfer their spiritual aspirations to the the speaker. I am not criticizing by the way; I am just observing what is going on, and ask you what you want to do about it.

Who knows where my journey will take me. Maybe I will be part of the spiritual circuit myself, or maybe I will remain undercover the way I have been in recent years, working just with a handful of likeminded spiritual travelers. Either way could be part of my life story. I know something about projection. In my current job as a financial strategist, people always project into me what they want to hear. But then, everyone has to have an occupation, we are all here for a specific reason that we have yo figure out. Some go and gather souls while others work happily in the background. But this discussion hardly matters for you. The only thing that matters is  that you look through all this and find the Truth that finally sets you free.

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