Saturday, January 16, 2016

Some Perks of Walking a Spiritual Path

When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you. (Quote from Spiritual Networks) 

Walking a spiritual path, we learn how to uplift ourselves and change the energy in our environment.  Perhaps we wake up with a foul mood; however, we learn to be one with it and observe it with awareness. There is nothing wrong with having a foul mood; just like there is nothing wrong with bad weather. Everything happening is simply part of our life.  What really disturbs our peace is the judgment that we make about the situation we are in.

Bad weather clears up after a while; our foul mood clears up as well. Sometimes it happens because the situation we are in improves, while sometimes it happens because we make peace with the "bad" situation that we are in. Peace is always eternal and timeless, and it is always ours to embrace.  

You only feel stuck when you run after the things that lead away from your SELF and when you feel that you don't get what they want. Some believe that wealth or status can give them happiness, only to find that if life puts obstacles up that seem insurmountable, they become miserable. You don't have to crash into a wall; reflect on your goals instead. When we care about the people who are in our life; when we look for love in every situation, life will suddenly look very differently. Instead of threatening, it will look inviting. Adjust your goals to represent your SELF better and see how these insurmountable obstacles melt like butter in the summer sun. That's the promise of a spiritual path.

Life is not here to punish you; it is here to guide you into a new direction. If your dreams are sound, you will discover that where there is a will, there is the WAY. Never be afraid to follow your dreams no matter how difficult it appears to get there. The wisdom and intelligence of our SELF will show us the WAY.  Just keep going!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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