Monday, January 18, 2016

The Search for God

So you want to meet the divine, but what exactly does that mean? Are you simply tired of the lemons that life deals you, so you long for freedom and bliss; perhaps you feel aspire to be the King of the kings so you search for God. Or perhaps you perceive something that is out of the ordinary and you want to understand what it is. 

It is your birthright and your privilege to connect with the divine, so please don't get me wrong. Yet, it helps to ask why you search and how to proceed from here. You have heard the many stories of how supposedly one gets to enlightenment, the meditation, the mindfulness, the love, the wisdom and the devotion. Yet, in all that please don't overlook that you are here for a reason. You may have to do some homework before claiming your birthright.

I wouldn't underestimate the goal to manifest your life-story and let the Beyond take care of anything else. See for yourself how your ego suddenly becomes a friend rather than your foe. Your soul wants something, you came here to get a homework done. Perhaps it is something your parents couldn't quite finish themselves. Perhaps you are blazing a new trail less traveled that some other travelers can follow afterwards. Find this mission. The trick is to make your soul longing part of your spiritual mission and suddenly ego, soul and SELF will travel hand in hand. 

There is way too much ego bashing going on in our spiritual community. Sure, if and when we step out of this energy field called "I" we have a glimpse at the Beyond. But you can't just wish this energy field away, it has to fall off. Accomplishing your mission does this for you. There is no more liberating feeling than "been there, done that", and your soul is free to transcend to a higher spiritual level. In contrast, there is nothing more destructive than "Waiting for Godot" while deep down inside we know that we haven't done our homework yet.

Manifest your story - make it a beautiful one, and discover God along the Way!

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