Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waiting for the Blue Sky Scenario

Ever so often there are some soul searching moments, like what profession should I be in? Should I go for the money or my passion? Should I go back to school and get that advanced degree or not? Which neighborhood should we live in?  Should we buy this house, or not?  Show I get married or wait for my true soul mate? Often, we don’t know what to do; we feel anxious and tortured.  To shorten this torture, we sometimes go with the easiest choice, but not necessarily with what we really want.  

Along the TAO tough choices will present themselves because we are encouraged to go for it all. So whenever we don’t really face ourselves and take the time to discover who we truly are, we are bound to face the same turbulent energy resurfacing time after time. The woman who may have married the wrong guy and goes back and forth whether she should leave him. The man who feels stuck in his career and constantly wonders whether he should start over again somewhere else. How can we find out what we really long for then?  

Let the chaos and unknown stay with you for a while until the answer surfaces. The head has a plan, but the heart knows what it wants. Give it time and life will present all the answers for you. Just as muddy water that got stirred needs time to settle, so will the TAO communicate want really works for you if you are patient enough to wait for the signs. It takes practice to develop the thick skin to wait patiently despite all the anguish, but when you patiently wait, the Tao will show you the signs you need to follow.

Just keep going and remain outside of your comfort zone for a little bit longer. Sometimes the PATH will show up on its own, while sometimes you need to walk a little to connect. Either way, a TAO traveler will always receive an answer to any question. Be patient and wait for blue sky scenario. It will be well worth the wait.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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