Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We are God's Hands

If I could tell the world just one thing,
it would be that we're all OK.
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful,
and useless in times like these.
I won't be made useless;
I won't be idle with despair.
I will gather myself around my faith,
for light does the darkness most fear.
My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own.

And I am never broken.
We are never broken.
We are God's eyes,
God's hands,
God's mind,
We are God's hands.
(Hands, Jewel)

The purpose of spirituality can't be to drift. Sure, some have it in their DNA to become monks, but many other spiritual travelers simply run away from their subconscious fears in the name of spirituality. If you find the real world too ugly to look at, chances are there is still an issue inside of you that you haven't quite tackled yet. Let life help you understand who you really are inside. Dive in, solve problems, help the world and find your SELF in the process. We are here with a job to do, a homework to finish, and a mission to fulfill. Find it!

Some spiritual travelers mind the competition, the greed, the carelessness, and they are right about their observation. Yet, there is arrogance in this perspective too. Do not judge your brother before you jump into the same trench with him and see how you would act in the line of fire. The solution for the ruthless businessman, the driven lawyer, or the straying husband is life itself. Anyone who follows their passion is overlooking something. The crying of the girl who misses her straying dad, the pain in the eye of the lawyer's assistant who has to work overtime  tonight and who will neglect her own children yet again. Or the invite of a business partner to find a spiritual compromise rather than going after another ruthless business deal. 

"We are God's hands", as Jewel puts it so well in her song. If you consider yourself a light worker, jump into the complexities of life and get your hands a little dirty. Don't worry about the motivations of others, life has a habit of catching up with them. We are all in the same boat. Our hands might be small, but if we all grab a paddle, we will get somewhere fast.

After I posted this note at the Spiritual Networks community, davidWELLENS had this comment to share:

Each has a part 
to play
in the 
of the world.

How true! The mistaken cheater, the driven lawyer, the crying little girl and the abused assistant; the light worker and the corrupt business man. Everyone is interacting in this divine Play and is just assuming a role to help our souls transcend. No one is evil, no one is good. Together we understand, transcend, learn, forgive, contemplate, but mostly, just be GOD's Hand.

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