Sunday, February 7, 2016

Everything is Possible along the WAY

Many of us spiritual travelers dream of getting enlightened and living happily ever after. The reality is that we don’t really know right now what enlightenment is and how to get there. We also are not sure how exactly we will feel once this blessed state arrives. So instead of focusing on achieving some fancy goals, perhaps we can focus on what we can do at this blessed moment instead. What is holding us back from experiencing the here and now?

When we focus on what we can do at this moment, suddenly, we step out of our mind; a cloud lifts and the sun comes out. Moment by moment we are reshaping our lives and get a glimpse at how powerful we truly are. There is a method of living in the NOW. We can teach ourselves how to be mindful, how to spot distractions and quickly recognize missed steps along the WAY. A seasoned spiritual traveler will tell you that it outright hurts to be disconnected from the WAY; so we do whatever we can to cut out the interferences life's throws at us. 

Working on ourselves is just like working on a puzzle.  The more mindful we are about what is going inside ourselves, and connected we are with the outside world, the more we become aware of our SELF. It does get easier along the WAY; naturally, we start building something with the rock that life throws in our path. Enjoy the life of manifesting - everything is possible along the WAY.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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