Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Portal

There is no time, no place, no state where GOD is absent. There is nothing to be feared.
(A Course in Miracles)

Viewed from a far distance of the Universe, the North Star towers about the earth and appears to touch it. GOD is beyond this earth, yet part of it for anyone who appeals to this FORCE. There is a PORTAL always present in the magic of the moment and all we have to do is to connect.

What is your life story? What is your FUNCTION in this world? The other day someone quizzed us in the Spiritual Networks community whether we still would be working our job if money didn't exist. Well, it depends on your FUNCTION, doesn't it? What are you here for? Miracles happen in the places where you are meant to be; find our what your FUNCTION is and the PORTAL connecting you with GOD will be near-by.

It is fun to perform miracles, but they are of GOD and not of you. You have the POWER if you are at the right place at the right time with the right intention. That's all there is really. Sort through all your goals and aspirations until you find out what you are really here for. Fulfilling your FUNCTION becomes a child's play by simply showing up; a higher authority does the work for you. Look out for the PORTAL when you go to work tomorrow.

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