Friday, April 8, 2016

Enjoying the Play-Ground

If you could see
that I AM the ONE 
WHO understands you;
been here all along, 
so why can't you see
you belong with ME.
(Taylor Swift)

In the olden days we felt the WAY and when a thought popped up, we knew the WAY. But when we ate from the Tree of Knowledge, we discovered the option to step away from IT, and as we consequently did, we fell asleep of sorts. Today we spiritual travelers are often confused; we are trying to wake up, and have our moments of sanity, but as often than not, we just don't know what life's confusing message are all about.

Objectively there is nothing to do really. Just trust that life is designed to connect us with the WAY and that HER guiding HAND and lovely SMILE is always nearby. We have to accept our interferences, our hidden drives, our suppressed feelings and volatile emotions. All this doesn't matter as GOD gave us life to play with, and no matter how messed up we may feel inside, there is always life giving us an outlet on life's play-ground.

The trick is to recognize life for what it is, the opportunity to let go of the stuff that stands between us and GOD. So many of our drives are subconscious in nature, we just often don't know how to advance spiritually. Life's playground is designed to step outside of our own self-imposed limitation. But when you feel confused at times, and don't know in which direction to proceed, take a look around. Just as in Taylor's song, the quiet VOICE is always at our disposal, we just need to have the maturity and sensitivity to recognize IT. Once you have traveled the path for a while, you can literally see the stretched-out HAND. But it does require to put our agenda aside, or rather, given that we never completely can let go of it, allow life to show you how you can use your agenda for life-giving purposes instead. 

Every moment is an opportunity to awaken to the WAY - have fun on the play-ground!

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