Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GOD's Vessel

Everything that happens to us is subconscious on some level, but we can awake within our dream and move up a notch in consciousness. The state of lucid dreaming is a nice illustration of this fact. We become aware of the fact that we are dreaming and start adjusting our dream accordingly. Same as the "awakening" process in real life. As we gain consciousness we make different choices, change our future and reinterpret the past.

There is a "feelings body", and it often determines what we do. The mind just "rationalizes" what the belly already decided on. I saw a nice study on this when some people were hypnotized and ordered to get up during a company meeting and water the plants. When people did what they were asked to do and afterwards were confronted about why they interrupted a meeting in such a strange way, they gave all kind of reasons such as, "the plant suddenly looked really thirsty". There was no-one who admitted that they had no clue why they did what they did!

Helpless as we might be exposed to the "feelings body", it is also true that we can be mindful of these emotions, and "rationally" counter them. We can certainly choose which feelings to surf, and which emotional waves to sit out, just as we can mentally zoom into a different scene and consequently trigger new feelings accordingly.

So next to the "feelings body", there is a "thinking field". Thoughts often bubble to the surface from the sub-conscience. Still, just with the "feelings body" before, we can decide which train of thought to jump onto, and which thought just to let fade into nothingness. Our powerful mind can also sometimes simply override the "feelings body", and likely relegate these unexpressed emotions into the depths of our being.

Sometimes the heart is in charge, and sometimes the mind, and sometimes they both work in unison. What a spiritual path does is to synchronize the "feelings body" and the mind-set with a FORCE that we feel, perceive and somehow "understand".  Walking the WAY is a training in body and mind perception. It is as if GOD somehow flows through us and we become part of HER. We think less, and we synchronize our feelings with a higher plane of BEIING. Be proud to be HER VESSEL, and spend every moment to honor the WAY.

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