Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Awakening to our Journey

We are a mere product of our environment and our genes; yet we can awaken to the journey we are on. What was subconscious traveling before, suddenly becomes conscious instead.

We don't need to reinvent ourselves, but merely to awaken to a spiritual mission. The WAY encourages us to make small adjustments towards a path of passion and purpose. Walking the WAY is a series of many little steps, guided by loving messengers.

Fear is unfortunately ours to face, yet every scary monster somehow deflates into nothingness once we take the first step towards it. Our boldness always gets rewarded and the imagined monsters do deflate over time.

Along the WAY the self does not need to be denied. To the contrary, it is encouraged to be expressed instead. When self, soul and SPIRIT work in in tandem, we are bound to encounter love and meaning every step of the WAY.

The WAY is designed to bring us HOME, despite some of our flaws and misguided aspirations. We are a mere product of our environment, but we awaken to the fact that our environment is somehow perfect to tell a magnificent story here and now.

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