Saturday, May 21, 2016

Listen to your Heart!

And there are voices
that want to be heard.
So much to mention
but you can't find the words
(Listen to your heart, Roxette)

It is said that Darwin, before he proposed to his cousin Emma to marry him, wrote down a list of reasons why he should, followed by a list why he shouldn't. After contemplating his list for a while he jumped to the conclusion "marry", followed by Q.E.D. Well, it wasn't quite clear to the reader of his letters how he drew the "mathematical" conclusion that marry he must, but his heart probably had reasons his mind knew little about.

Have you observed how you make decisions?  Do you write the arguments down, like Darwin did, and afterwards still aren't any wiser? Do you keep going back and forth without going anywhere? The pattern of going back and forth is the intellect talking. We are cycling without going anywhere. The head is seeking security and certainty that doesn't exist anyhow.

We are Tao travelers. We make our choices in accordance with the WAY. Sometimes synchronicity is talking to us, which puts us over the fence one way or another, pushed by a sign we see. Often it is simply the heart screaming out to us what the head is too dull to comprehend. But mostly it is the situation, the Holy Now, that is dancing with us, and giving us a nudge one way or another.

The heart feels and the mind trusts the WAY. We wait for the answer to surface by itself and are patient until we receive the nudge that tells us what to do. The Tao is the best teacher there is. Life is one big exercise to figure out what the heart really wants. We let ourselves be guided by the WAY when we have to decide. It doesn't mean that we are always "right", but we always know when we have to make a move.

Don't be scared to make "mistakes", they too are part of the WAY. In fact, "wrong" or "right" are entirely dependent on your final goal. Once you made it you will see that every step in fact was "right" from this higher perspective. It is not about perfection or not, it is more about the journey the Tao has planned for us to travel. Dive into your problems and let the Tao guide you. Most importantly, listen to your heart!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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