Friday, May 13, 2016


When Jesus washed,
oh, when He washed,
when Jesus washed,
my sins away, yeah!
He taught me how, how to watch,
how to fight and pray, fight and pray,
and living rejoicing everyday
(Oh, Happy Day)

I remember once having a friend who could not register what wasn't right by her, and I remember thinking that this is not right. We have to be "rational" in our interactions. But then I met many who couldn't see beyond what was important to them and I started understanding that we all have our selective rationality in certain aspects of our existence, so I shrugged my shoulders and opened up to everyone, as long as our intentions and energies matched.

Staying true to my philosophical standards I have traveled my spiritual path thus far just by relying on my self-insights, with the occasional emotional outbursts in the PRESENCE of GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT, the CHRIST, LORD KRISHNA or DURGA MAA. But whenever my feet touch the ground, I keep walking the path of enlightenment that  I have defined for myself. 

The ego - the idiosyncratic way of perceiving and desiring the world - exists, just as the SPIRIT WHO intervenes in ways the ordinary mind just cannot comprehend. Each of us spiritual travelers adopts a way of living and traveling the WAY that works for them. Eventually, we all transcend "reality" as we used to know it in our own idiosyncratic way. We can teach ourselves to watch and fight with little psychological tricks and trust in the FORCE beyond everything, or we can simply take divine short-cuts like asking Jesus to wash our sins away. Either way, it is a happy day - let's live rejoicing everyday!

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