Saturday, June 25, 2016

Filling the Void

Everyone has a feeling of void inside them.
And we constantly try to fill this void
with food, with sex, with drugs,
with conflict and distractions,
with beliefs and knowledge.

Our entire modern culture
with all of its gadgets and social media
thrives on keeping us distracted from this void;
keeping us looking for the next thing,
the next gossip, the next indulgence
even the next spiritual teaching.

The mind creates the fantasy
‘if only this would happen,
if only I could get this,
then this void in me would be filled.’
But it never does.

Even if you get what you want,
that void will still be there
and you will look to fill it
with something else, someone else,
some new experience, new drama, new excitement.

It goes on and on like this,
and this constant seeking to fill this void
becomes your prison; your suffering.
You free yourself from this prison
but stopping trying to fill the void and simply allow it.

When you allow the void to be completely,
when you allow yourself to fall back
and experience your own nothingness
then two things happen:

One is you free yourself from your own suffering.
Because if you no longer are resistant to the void,
then all of your stress in avoiding this moment disappears.

The other is you realize unconditional peace.
You realize fulfillment.

When you truly experience that you are nothing,
you realize consciousness itself, peace itself;
that everything is made of this same nothingness,
this same consciousness, this same peace.

The very thing you are unconsciously avoiding
is the very thing you are seeking.

(Kip, Spiritual Networks)

I found this note on a Spiritual Networks and wanted to share it with you. That void is the ego, the conscious or subconscious departure from GOD. The void explains the restlessness that so many of us either try to fill with pointless means, or try to drown out. Recognizing this void is what spirituality is all about. 

Transcendence from that void is a feeling; an insight of sorts. And just as Kip points out, at that precious moment you become part of something else entirely, call it CONSCIOUSNESS, PEACE, I AM THAT I AM, the NOW, or whatever other name you may have for IT. Just be present, become still and the void is filled with something beautiful.

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