Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life and Spiritual Function

Maybe a reason why all the doors are closed,
so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road.
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow
and when it's time you'll know.
(Firework, Katy Perry)

We know how it feels; we think that we have a spiritual mission to perform but life unfortunately gets in the way. Bills have to be paid, kids have to be raised, and misfortune puts stones in our path that we have to climb over. Everything happens for a reason though. We certainly have the right, and even duty, to professionally express our spiritual function, but let's respect all obstacles that are coming our way; they too are GOD's messengers. Setbacks and delays may be disappointing, but life is just making sure that we only create in the end what is truly worthwhile. And that we get our chance at a time when it truly matters.

I work as a strategist in the financial industry and tend to be quite good at what I do. Sure, I would love to be a spiritual writer full-time instead, but would I have the same creativity and drive? Yes, the job sometimes annoying and often stressful but there is also no doubt that I perform a spiritual function at work. Whenever two people of good intention come together, GOD is in the room as well. So who knows what transformational impact I may have on my colleagues, just as they transform me at the same time.

The day and time to move on to bigger and brighter endeavors is likely already written in the stars. When the time is ripe, I will know. In the meantime, let GOD assign me to whatever function SHE deems most useful. I am at HER disposal!

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