Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Secret to Growth

We are only comfortable when we are with friends or people we feel familiar with; we also only feel comfortable when we are in a familiar place or drive a well-established route. We want to do the work that we are very skilled at; we want to do something other something people look up to us. Sure, once in a while we try some new stuff, like going on a new exciting vacation, or learning something new. But before we know it we go back to our old-familiar ways.

Observing ourselves, we realize that we prefer to stick to our routine, living in a familiar town, doing our familiar job, and sleeping in our comfy bed. We often feel annoyed or bothered when our routine is disrupted. Observing ourselves, we know we have this nature seeking comfort.  However, learning and growing means we have to expose ourselves to a new situation.  We have to start as a beginner; have to accept the position of weakness and humility. We have to expose ourselves to the state of unknown, which is very uncomfortable for most of us.  

Prior to our awakening we may have tried building protective walls around our supposedly secure and comfy lifestyle, but along a spiritual path this would defeat the purpose. Again and again we are told that life is beyond these walls, and we have to follow the WAY whether we like it or not. Are you ready to grow and develop?  Are you ready to become a beginner; do you accept to be vulnerable? We are!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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