Sunday, July 24, 2016

As Within, so Without

Have you observed how our mood is influenced by the environment we are in?  Perhaps you have also observed how we try to fix all the situations we are in according to our expectations.  If this is happening to you as well, this is a good time to change a few things.

Perhaps instead of trying to fix the external world, why don’t you sit down and calm yourself first?  Most of the times the perception of the situation we are in just reflects how we feel at this moment. If we keep fixing stuff with little visible improvement, if we keep chasing something without getting it, or if things just don't come our way, perhaps this is a good time to sit down and do some meditation instead.

We can observe all the symptoms when we are stressed by events. We lose our balance; our breath is fast and shallow, and we feel anxious. Try to center yourself and try doing things the other way round. Get your inner world back in order and see how suddenly everything falls into places.

Center your heart especially when you are sailing in a stormy, dark ocean.  Get in touch with the peace deep inside you.  Let the peaceful energy radiate from you and let the rest of the world converge with your energy instead.

By Su Zhen 

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