Thursday, July 21, 2016

Towards Wholeness

In our life challenges unfortunately come our way. Sometimes these challenges simply overwhelm us, but especially then we need to have a look at the bigger picture. This is the time to remember our passions and no matter what, we should always find the time to appreciate the little things that make us happy.

Difficulties and challenges are part of life, but so is our love for people and our mission in life. Often these problems connect us with others and make us more compassionate because we understand that everyone stumbles sometimes. It turns out that these challenges are often blessings in disguise as they force us to turn to each other.

Often it is our disappointed expectations that cause the most pain. Life shouldn't be difficult we say, so when a crisis hits us we wish it away. So can we open up to life and welcome in fact everything that comes our way? Can we in fact let them teach us and broaden our life?  Can we discover that it is our narrow-minded mindset that puts us in misery instead?

Do you we need to feel miserable whenever a problem comes our way? Can we let the challenges be there, learn from them and at the same time recognize that GOD also provides us with countless blessings?  Can we learn to appreciate these blessings and at the same time use our creativity to transform all these difficulties into something beautiful and wholesome?

How different our life will be when we learn to see GOD's hand-writing in everything that comes our way. We are broadened, expanded, and feel blessed! May we all have the heart to appreciate our life; have eyes to recognize all the beauty; and use our mind wisely to solve the puzzles God has sent to us. Join us in our mission to become whole.

By Su Zhen 

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