Friday, September 2, 2016

Minding the Signs along the WAY

Don't believe everything you think!
(Heart to Mind)

The longer I travel the path the more I become an actor of sorts. I passionately participate in conversations but am detached from it at the same time and have no qualms overriding on the next day what I may have said the day before. What is true for conversations is certainly even more true for the thoughts that are running through my mind. Mostly I discount the stuff that bubbles from the depths of my subconscious. Thoughts are just like energy units that want to find expression. To redirect this energy, we might as well punch a sparring bag and might find a more useful outlet of this energy; as a matter of fact, I do that too from time to time.

The other day I had an high energy day at work and the thoughts were rushing through my mind. As I was walking to get my lunch I somehow knocked my work ID out of my own hand as  I wanted to swirl around a passer-by on the street. As it fell down I understood the symbolic significance of the event. I just had an uncharitable thought towards a colleague and the WAY gave me literally a little nudge to be more mindful. It was amazing to watch how the thoughts completely stopped in their tracks at that moment. You could literally understand it as a message from the heart to the mind to ease up a bit. 

So when the thoughts in your mind ruminate across subjects that might not be worth your while, why don't you take a look around and see what signs SHE might be sending right now to help you re-connect with the WAY again.

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