Friday, September 30, 2016

On Being Right-Minded

Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.
(Swami Mukananda)

We call spiritual travelers "right-minded" when we see them act in accordance with the SPIRIT. Or we shout in frustration, "Are you out of your mind?" when we feel someone made a bad decision. The mind is like a blank canvas, ready to be utilized by both the ego and SPIRIT. But when we want to take a position; when we aim to be "right-minded", we are already caught in the yin and yang of the ego playing games of righteousness with itself.

Our opportunity is to be mindful of who is talking at each moment, just as Swami Mukananda reminded us. Never mind a little faux-pas along the WAY. Mistakes can be undone; a few steps in the wrong direction can be retraced. If we get occasionally taken in for a ego ride, so be it. What matters is not to give any more energy to the ego, but just to observe. The ego is anything that is not of GOD. And when it comes to GOD, we can often feel this FORCE; we can have an insight about the FORCE, and we can experience HER PRESENCE in our life. 

So quit trying to be right-minded, just be and let the WAY help you reflect on who is talking.

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