Sunday, October 30, 2016

On the Desire to Forget

Whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Me will find it.
(Matthew 16:25)

I cannot promise professional success to you the way you might fancy it right now. However, what I would venture to say is that whether you face success or failure, the experience will be a perfect stepping stone for seeing your vision through. That is the promise of the WAY!

There is no alternative to a spiritual path if your objective is purpose, meaning and happiness. When I look at people who sit on the fence when it comes to ethics and accountability, I see that they might be successful from society's perspective, but I also see decay in them. Their soul makes the abuse known to them. And while they eventually may jump to the right side, and will be able to make up for wasted time, you unfortunately can see the spiritual wear and tear in their eyes and their health. You will never find that in a spiritual traveler. Spiritual travelers might look tired on occasions as well, but the moment when life's energies return they look as young and restored as they have always been.

Many people fear old age and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. What do you think the symbolic meaning of this disease is? It is a way to forget, isn't it? Those people who suffer from it are not as worse off as the outsider surmises because the Holy Spirit is with them and reinterprets the past for them. Again, spiritual travelers have nothing to fear. We fondly remember along the WAY and need to repress absolutely nothing. 

Follow the WAY and quit looking at the glitter on the horizon. The diamonds are where you are; all you have to do is to pick them up. So what if some others mistake them for coal instead. Follow the WAY and let everything else come to you. Your health, happiness and sanity will thank you for it!

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