Monday, October 3, 2016

Selective Story Tellers

I have certain ethical belief sets that I simply take for granted. Things as, "When you are married, don't cheat!", or, "When you have children, never quit on them!" Or perhaps some work-related convictions as well, "Never pull a fast one on anyone!". I thought that these these ethical rules are written in stone for us spiritual travelers, just like, "do not kill", or "don't steal!". 

When you grow spiritually you start learning that nothing is either black or white. We have so many inconsistencies, and we simply take them for granted without questioning them. Yes, I cut meat out of my diet a while trying to live up to my "Do not kill" mandate but I still eat fish at times since there is only so much Indian and Thai vegetarian food that I can eat. Is my diet balanced enough? Do I get enough protein? After all, if I kill myself using the mandate "thou shall not kill", I also don't help anyone either. There is no right or wrong in all of this, there is only the story we choose to live.

Or take the command not to stray sexually when you are in a committed relationship. I stick to that promise but I observe that I tend to hang out with more women in the spiritual community than with men. Isn't that just a sign of repression? I remember a story C.G. Jung once told of a man who tried doing the right thing by society and the bible, but one day, while lying in bed next to his wife simply got up declaring, "I had it, I just can't help it; I am a scoundrel!" From that day on he drank, had open affairs and gambled. Well, that's hardly a solution for us spiritual travelers either, but what we can adopt from him is to accept our dark spots openly. Who knows what happens when we let the light shine in. Maybe we just need to edit our story a little without adjusting our travel route that much.

Just speaking for myself, I keep experimenting with vegetarian dishes and one day might be able to substitute fish as well. Today I am simply not ready. As far as my repressed sexual drive is concerned, I started out befriending more women in the beginning, but now form good friendships with men and women alike. A few years ago I didn't even know that I had a sexual bias when it comes to choosing my friends. And lastly, by recognizing my own inconsistencies I also have become more forgiving of the choices others take.

The pen is in your hand my friend. Be as honest with yourself and others, and be open to life's many suggestions. The WAY will show you the SIGNS that allow you to proceed. Wholeness is ours to capture as we face life, and eventually holiness will follow. You have the power to write your beautiful story. Write it today.

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