Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Everlasting Satori Moment

are no
HOLY books
found in

My favorite author in the SN community, davidWELLENS, recently wrote there are no books in HEAVEN. "Why", I asked, "I could see myself writing down all of GOD's beautiful theorems even though they are kind of obvious in HEAVEN, just for the beauty of it". Yet, his conjecture it is probably true. When you already know everything, what is there to say, and what is there to write about? 

Is the right hand ever thanking the left for being so cooperative? No, it is just an automatic interaction that we don't think about. And thinking about it in hindsight just seems weird. The point of the matter is that thought, as beautiful as it is for some of us intellectuals, is likely a mere distraction from what is. ONENESS is, one needs to evolve as a conscious human to awaken to it.

Has it ever happened to you that you saw something so beautiful and so overpowering that all thoughts simply stopped at that magic moment? The insight was there, as was the mesmerizing feeling of beauty, yet all thinking stopped. That's what HEAVEN is likely all about - an "everlasting satori moment".

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