Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Case for Love

The Way of the Miracle Worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things: either love or a call for love.
(Marianne Williamson)

They say that women are our better half and I would certainly echo that sentiment. They appear to feel and express love more than I have been able to do, but limited as I might appear to be, I may also have something important to contribute to spirituality. Believe it or not, I can "see" and "understand" love, or the cry for it, as strange as that concept may sounds to you.

The Native Americans have a saying, "don't judge a man unless you have walked for a day in his moccasins." How true! That's how I can "see" and "understand" love, or the subconscious yearning for it.  How easy it is to understand the actions of a person who suddenly sees red when someone pushes the wrong button, or the pompous rhetoric of someone who is not that confident. But we only have real empathy if we ourselves have been there. That's why I enjoy diving into the wild sea of life's every day interactions. It is a perfect lesson plan to understand, appreciate and love my brother a little bit more every day.

The Course in Miracles is right. Everything is either an expression of love, or a deluded searching for it. We cannot point people to the WAY when they run after fame, money, sex, or whatever else they might be after. However, we can offer a conciliatory gesture to point struggling soul siblings in the right direction when we see that they are ready for it. This would be impossible to do if we ourselves feel resentment towards this "rude" behavior. But if we have been in his situation ourselves, how easy it is to forgive and forget, and extend a helping hand. 

When you struggle with people and situations, see for yourself whether you can make the "case for love"; chances are, you can make it much more often than you think.

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