Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Addiction: Love to the Rescue

Scientists are now able to photograph the brains of drug addicts and alcoholics to show how the substance affects the user. Their photographs of the brains of people in love are almost identical to photographs of the brains of people on drugs.(Desire, Susan Cheever)

We are here on the blue planet to be connected to our environment, to nature, to animals, to our community, friends and family. We are here to have a purpose, to make our unique contribution to (wo)mankind. When everything is on track we feel happy, connected and loved without any artificial stimulants.

Addiction merely indicates that something is off, that we feel empty and unfulfilled in some areas of our life. GOD's love surrounds us all the time, so when we feel that something is missing we have to reconnect with whatever it is that gives us happiness. Addiction and compulsive habits are hard to shake off, as we all know, but often this rude wake-up call launches in fact a beautiful spiritual journey.

My friend and co-author Su Zhen and I have a chapter in "The Dance of the Tao" (forthcoming) that contrast addiction as a spiral towards nowhere with a spiritual path, a spiral towards passion, purpose and love. Once you start being on a spiritual path you learn that there is no turning back as higher and higher energies get activated while lower energies get dropped by the WAY-side. Yes, life can be hard sometimes to be cornered and pressed against a wall, but you did that to yourself to awaken to your SELF with a bang.

Isn't it written in the Bible that the last will be first, and the first will be last? That's exactly what it means: when you are considered to be "successful" and when you are supposedly riding high, you are bound to take yourself way too seriously. But if you are struggling, if you are fighting for your life, or for your loved ones, you are bound to recognize life's messengers for who they truly are. As they say, the beauty of reaching rock bottom is that there is only one way from there - up. 

GOD's CONNECTION and LOVE wait for you always. Light up your brain with love and purpose today and never look back from there.

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