Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dark Night of the Soul Moments

Let the music play,
I just want to dance the night away
Right here, right here where I am going to stay
All night long.
Let the music play on
just until I feel this misery has gone.
(Barry White, Let the Music Play)

The Dark Nights of the Soul happen to each of us. It is like a blanket descending, encompassing us in darkness. So what? Just sit there while everyone is sleeping. Cry, listen to music or do whatever else it is you have to do to manage to sit still while the emotions are raging through your body. I view the Dark Night of the Soul moment not that different from the daily occurrences of the ego ranting while we decide to do absolutely nothing about it.

A spiritual journey is a process of letting go; all the conflicts, all the deluded aspirations, all the irrational fears. A spiritual path is a full contact sport. It hurts when these energies unravel. Engage and you are trapped again, but accept and just sit there and they will leave eventually. Just sit there patiently; every storm runs out of rain.

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