Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Magic of Learning

When we are curious about whatever happens, life interacts with us very differently than before. As we open up to life, it dances with us in ways we have never experienced.

Discover how different life is when you have this attitude! You no longer judge and label whatever comes your way. Instead, you open yourself to experience everything that life has to offer, not only the assumed good stuff. You may feel painful and confused with some of these experiences in the beginning, but as you allow yourself to obtain the new impressions, and give yourself time to adjust and figure out what they mean for you, suddenly a new path will open up.

Learning and experiencing with an open mind is very much like walking in a dark night for the first time. You probably have difficulty seeing, but as you keep on walking, slowly the panic leaves and you will calm down. You will be able to see through the darkness, and you can eventually see the path in front of you. Now you will be grateful to enjoy the beauty of darkness, will listen to the choir of crickets singing, will be guided by the cries of the owls, will enjoy the fragrance of the wild flowers, and feel the breeze on your face.

We can always learn something once we open to the experiences life brings our way. Without opinions of how life should be we are in fact finally able to receive all of GOD's presents. Let's trust GOD and life! SHE only has the best wishes for us.

By Su Zhen

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