Tuesday, March 14, 2017

There is an "I" in I AM THAT I AM

In the spiritual community we blame the ego for standing in-between the experience of our true SELF. We have certain aspirations, likes and dislikes that seem to interfere with what is. Yet many of us have at least experienced a glimpse of what spiritual life can be all about - a satori state - a moment when time seems to stand still and our "I" and the BEYOND seem to be perfectly aligned. That's often what starts our spiritual quest in the first place, but how to proceed from there?

It doesn't make sense to beat ourselves up over being who we are. No matter how enlightened we might be, we always need the "I" to remain here on earth and share our GOD CONNECTION with others. We need an avatar so to speak; the "I" in the "I AM THAT I AM" experience. The trick is to accept and embrace our likes and dislikes and then dive into life to let it strip us from the unnecessary baggage, as well as adding the insights we haven't yet realized ourselves. If the ego is an energy field that separates us from our SELF, then we can use GOD's maya to show us what ONENESS and LOVE is all about. We let life separate the SELF from ourself so to speak.

When we realize that life is designed to bring us to the "I AM THAT I AM" state, even the annoying, embarrassing and frustrating stuff that life throws at us suddenly becomes manageable. Life becomes light-hearted and it becomes smooth. More and more glimpses of ONENESS appear just by engaging in life's hustle and bustle. It is as if GOD has little signposts everywhere reminding us that everything we see is nothing but HER maya. Love your avatar, GOD has given it to you it for a reason. If you want to come HOME, set your sails and let life get you there.

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