Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Personality Wheel

There is a way we think,
and a way how we interact with people.
There are the things we do,
and there are our expectations, disappointments, pleasures and fears.
There is the way we feel and the mood we are in.

You would think that all these thoughts, actions, anticipation and feelings reflect our self, yet, a spiritual traveler will tell you that that is little consistency in all of this. Our brain is wired to perceive life as one connected story line, but fact of the matter is that we alternate different planes of consciousness all the time, triggered by events, people, thoughts and emotions.

It takes spiritual maturity to discover the plane of consciousness we operate on. It takes practice to calm the mind in life's ups and downs to have that awareness. Yet, it is possible. Our energy, our thoughts, the way we feel, and the unfolding events tell us where we are in the ego versus SPIRIT energy field. Moreover, every spiritual traveler will tell you that we can always snap out of every ego energy field in a heart-beat. Life encourages us moment by moment to get lost in the holy NOW and let the energies that are running through us be.

How is your personality wheel spinning these days? What outcome has this note activated right now? Do you know who exactly is talking, thinking, feeling and acting? Is what you think, say or do of the ego or the SPIRIT? Is perhaps the ego crying murder in your brain while the SPIRIT induces you to lend a helping hand?

Do you have the support system to give you feedback. Do you have the means to calm your mind and re-connect with your passion and purpose? Be aware of how the personality wheel is spinning moment by moment and be free.

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