Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Power of the Network

We spiritual travelers don't have to do a thing. No scheming, no lobbying; just executing the wisdom of the WAY. A spiritual path connects us with people all the time and we instinctively know whose hands to hold onto. We also know what we want from life. We let life craft us, or rather, remove the debris that are artificial to us so that the true core can shine through. Over time these choices add up to a network of friends, beliefs and intentions, so that one day we only need to show up and let the energy of the network carry us.

Don't get me wrong though, hard work is involved to getting to this point as well. Mostly we have to mind our own interferences; the doubts, the fears, and the noise in our head. This is the time to stand tall and tough. Whenever there is doubt, we have the sanctity of the network to fall back to. Whenever there is too much noise, we just sit it out until the calm and the serenity returns. So while mostly we engage playfully with life's daily tasks, sometimes we hold the hands of our friends with extra strength until we feel the wisdom of the WAY. In the power of the network we trust.

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