Thursday, June 22, 2017

What do you want to experience?

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
(Steve Jobs)

Have you observed how some people nearly work themselves to death in order to advance in their career? One would think that these workaholics are slaves to their hunger for career, status and money. But then, if these are their passions, who are we to tell them otherwise. Being successful is part of their self expression.

Consider how much work it sometimes takes to prepare for a trip, yet the people who succumb to wanderlust will happily do it. Same for a cook who laboriously prepares a fancy meal for a party, or the passionate lover who would do anything to get the girl of his dreams. In the extreme you could call some of these driven people mad, yet they have to follow their calling. Ignoring their passions in the name of spirituality would be slow suicide.

So what do you want to experience? When we follow a mission, or a subconscious drive, we don't care about the hard work it takes to see it through. We have to fulfill our mission, otherwise life would be simply incomplete. We advice you to follow the love, the love for your mission, for the people in your life, and for GOD.

Along a spiritual path everything we do suddenly becomes a source of joy and the trade-offs that we once found so annoying simply disappear. When we cook for our loved ones, our heart is singing. When we work for our mission, everything that comes our way we will gladly take care of. And when it comes to GOD, everything life throws at us we understand as an opportunity to do HIS WILL.

Trade-offs and sacrifices only show up as a wake-up call that we are still conflicted in some areas and that we need to sharpen our focus. Apply the passion test for everything you do and don't get blind-sighted by pleasure and the little obstacles along the WAY. Be aware of the WAY and suddenly your life will be full of joy, love, and energy again!

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