Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Way of the Spirit

I have been traveling the WAY for a while now. I have experienced the Law of Oneness in my interactions with others, just as I regularly experience synchronous occurrences. I receive GOD's MESSAGE from countless sources, like numbers, nature, songs, people, memories, or dreams. Even at work, GOD talks to me and I am in the process of making a career out of sharing my spiritual insights and observations with others. I would go so far as to say that I live for that ever-present CONVERSATION with GOD.

Being raised a Christian, I certainly also have experienced the Holy Spirit in action. He is part of the WAY. The Holy Spirit heals my understanding of the past and makes me whole. He connects me with GOD and my fellow beings. I noticed a strange linguistic struggle though when I started writing about the Holy Spirit. Should it be 'Holy Spirit' just as we are asked in the English grammar to capitalize concepts such as 'Church' or 'Germany'? Or should  I write HOLY SPIRIT instead since I denote the FORCE that is beyond me, like the WAY or GOD? Isn't then the expression 'HOLY' superfluous, given that the SPIRIT is already that, a divine GOD CONNECTION?

At one point it struck me that the concept of the Holy Spirit is really the 'WAY of the CHRIST', as it is so eloquently expressed in 'A Course in Miracles' for example. Yes, the 'WAY of the CHRIST' is definitely part of my spiritual journey, but the path of the WAY is more Asian. 'Good' or 'Evil', 'light' or 'darkness'; the WAY uses every occurrence as a divine opportunity to transcend what is and to be part of GOD at that holy moment.

'The WAY of the SPIRIT' is our idiosyncratic journey of being with GOD every step of the WAY. Nature is a messenger of the SPIRIT, as is the acknowledgement of the war of good and evil within us. 'The WAY of CHRIST' is man-made, and GOD is beyond man. The Native Americans, just as the European pagans were in-tune with the SPIRIT but they were unfortunately violently silenced by Christianity, and the so-called Enlightenment period. We owe it to the roots of humanity to bring the Native understanding of SPIRIT back into our community.

When I googled the photo library for images, I was floored when I found the image of the 'white raven'. A mystical messenger of the American Natives just as the white buffalo is. The raven can symbolize struggles of darkness, as much as offering protection, or signaling spiritual break-through moments. I have a long standing history with the spirit messenger of the crow and have written many notes on our encounters and my consequent spiritual break-throughs. 

SPIRIT, I am open to your MESSAGE in any form. CONNECT me with GOD here and now, that's all I want. I welcome all your SIGNS, may they be perceived by some as holy or not. 

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