Monday, November 13, 2017

Make Whole but don’t forget to Recharge

Do not give dogs what is sacred, do not throw your pearls to pigs.
(Matthew 7-6)

We spiritual travelers have come to make whole. Our friends battle out different views, but our very presence allows the parties to transcend their conflict and reach a higher, unified plane of consciousness.

Yet, at the end of the day we are human like everyone else. We can only walk on water if GOD grants us HER blessing. We have fears, carry the baggage of the past, and sometimes lack spiritual VISON ourselves. Sometimes we simply need a time-out to consolidate, recharge and re-connect with the FORCE that is always at our disposal.

Integrate and make whole but don’t forget to take good care of yourself at the same time. The SPIRIT has to explain the meaning of the past to us, and the people we communicate with need time to adjust to a higher vibration, or leave the scene.  All of this requires time, so please be patient.  

Should you ever come across a situation where SPIRIT is no longer visible, just walk away. Jesus’ warning not to throw the spiritual pearls before the swine is there for a reason. Never invite self-abuse in the name of spirituality. It is not the WAY!

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