Saturday, November 11, 2017

Old Soul

Many of my neighbors drive Maserati and Mercedes. I drive a Honda and contemplate these days how I can squeeze out an additional 30 000 miles in order to wait for the more efficient electric car generation in coming years. Seeing those expensive cars and the mansions in which our neighbors live means somehow nothing to me.

I used to work in a company where many of my colleagues made millions. I discovered that money never meant anything to me; intellectual curiosity, teamwork and appreciation for my work did. And sure enough, the moment I no longer felt appreciated for my services I left. Today I am a writer and spiritual coach and I get appreciated for my spiritual services instead.

Sex is perhaps the hardest drive to grow out to, for us men anyway. I remember the story in which an old spiritual teacher passed by a lake with girls bathing in it. As his youthful son passed nothing happened, but when he approached they immediately sought cover. When he asked why they said than in his son they felt no lust whatsoever, while in him this drive was still very strong.  

You have to go after what you are passionate about. Fulfilling your desire doesn’t mean that it has to be in conflict with your spiritual path. For every passion there is a purpose to make your longing whole and holy. If you have a big income, donate. If you have a big house, live there with all the people you care for. And what could be nicer than having sex with the love of your life!

The expression ‘Old Soul’ describes someone who has already seen and experienced everything, so being detached in the midst of life’s bounty somehow happens naturally. Don’t live in your head, and let go of all the ‘should’ and ‘must’ statements. Become an ‘Old Soul’ by diving into life’s bounty and struggles, and learn spiritual discrimination that way. Where GOD is, passion and purpose always go hand in hand.

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