Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What’s in a Name? A Lot Apparently!

I was born Wiese. To that day I have a first grade report card from Germany, addressed to Robert Wiese. When my parents married though, this surname was legally erased until the day when Author Christian Wiese appeared on the spiritual scene. Christian M. are my middle names. Yet, when I first joined the American workforce after graduate school I was somehow embarrassed to have two, given that all of my colleagues only had one. So I just left the middle name section simply blank.

Omitting Christian at the company I worked for was symbolic of sorts. Robert, the assertive, driven character first had to find himself. The shy, idealistic, but deep down inside highly ambitious and driven man got raised in a  a supercharged, high testosterone financial environment. Yet, just as Robert had to earn his name and fame, the centered, charming and compassionate Christian was also there. Both identities developed separately, unbeknown to me.

I positioned myself around a team of experts. Quietly, I worked hard in the background to make this team the best it could be. Over the years my different bosses called me ‘wolf’, ‘glue guy’, and ‘emotional center’ to recognize this function that was so hard to articulate. The analyst Robert built his investment platform around the team, but my spiritual function enabled it in the first place. Unbeknown to me, CR was there all the time. There simply would not have been the one without the other.

Apparently there is a lot in a name. When I got to know my co-author Su Zhen years ago she said to me, “you don’t sound like Christian. You have a different energy!” Yes, she was right. There was confusion in me at that time. I did not know what part of me was of the SPIRIT, and what energy was of my Soul longing. The ‘Robert energy’ still needed expression, while Christian was making his first appearance when I published ‘The Magnificent Experiment’ in 2012.

The Leo Robert needs to roar occasionally. He needs to rule in his passive-aggressive way, and to compensate, he is deep down inside religious. If I had to sum up the Robert energy in a word: he is on a roll! Christian in contrast invented the four Cs for the Awakened business setting that I articulated in ‘The Magnificent Experiment’: creativity, connection, communication, and taking care of each other. It took me a few years to name and separate the different energies and missions in me, but now it is complete. These days when you meet me, CR will greet you.

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