Thursday, December 14, 2017

On Free Will

Someone asked what question we would have if we met GOD, and I said that I would ask him for a final word on the endless free will discussion. As a graduate student, in one of those endless coffee hours discussions, I argued vociferously that we have one. Later life happened to me and I saw men, intellectually admired and even worshipped, who were driven by subconscious agendas that they didn’t grasp. How hard is it to make the jump then that I too fall asleep at the wheel way too often myself!

I am asking you, what’s wrong with being on auto-pilot as long as the direction is the right one? If love is the prevailing FORCE that we want to awaken to, let it be subconscious in nature. I envision an inverted smiley that depicts our uphill struggle. To override ego forces that linger in the depth of our subconscious is hard conscious work. Up we climb gaining degrees of freedom until our love instinct kicks in an our choices become automatic again. Who needs will, free or otherwise, holding HER hand?

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