Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Old Souls

Vivekananda told the story of the two birds. One bird sitting is sitting on a branch, serene, without moving. The other bird is hopping restlessly around, from branch to branch, from one berry bush to the next. Excited, the restless bird finds a new berry, only to find that it is bitter this time around.

The serene bird is our Soul, completely unmoved by life’s ups and downs. An old soul sits next to the serene bird more often than not, rarely getting trapped by life’s eternal ups and downs. Experience does this, an old soul has merely played the game of life a bit more often and manages to avoid the bitter berries while occasionally giving up on the good ones in return.

Even the restless bird eventually realizes which berry to pick and which to avoid. Viewed from this perspective, everyone will advance in the game of life, no matter what. It is life itself that sets us free.

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