Thursday, January 4, 2018

Spiritual Upgrades along the Way

Have you ever experienced a satori moment? The point in time that takes your breath away? We don’t feel our body at that holy moment. Thoughts come to a standstill. At this moment, we simply are the amazement and awe that we experience. At the satori moment, we are Consciousness. We are outside of our body and mind.

Our ‘I-Identification’ is a mere avatar that allows us to participate in the game of life. Our ‘I-Identification’ exists to allow Consciousness to experience Itself. At that satori moment, the ‘I AM THAT I AM’ experience that Moses had when GOD spoke to him at the burning bush, this ‘I-Identification’ takes a time-out and we become part of higher Consciousness. Alas, in order to participate in the game of life we have to come back.

Striving for ‘Enlightenment’ doesn’t make much sense viewed from this perspective. Removing all interferences is all we can do. We can sign up for a spiritual path that helps us getting there but we unfortunately can’t will ourselves into paradise. We have to let the Way lead us to the burning bush experience so to speak. Our spiritual vibrations rise all the time along a spiritual path, making these divine encounters ever more likely and frequent.

As layer after layer of our ‘I-Identification’ is being removed, our spiritual consciousness advances, boosting our spiritual vibrations alongside. The people we hang out with, the characters we attract and the missions we are embarking on all change accordingly. We increasingly become aware of our spiritual connections with people, places past events. It is harder to fool us along the Way but we still have an ‘I-Identification’ that is not yet pure Consciousness. 

Meditation can get us closer to pure Consciousness, as can other spiritual disciplines such as yoga, but even those can carry us only that far. A spiritual path allows us to drop everything that is holding us back by the wayside. We might call the e-g-o as the annoying force that ‘edges-GOD-out’. With a pious life-style we manage to avoid undermining our spiritual vibration with what we think, say or do. Still, we patiently have to await the ‘I AM THAT I AM’ moment as long as the ‘I-Identification’ is present.

There is nothing really to do but to live a life of love, of purpos

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