Saturday, January 6, 2018

When Spirit Does our Laundry

‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ was written by Gary Renard who claims that he was visited by Angels telling him what our spiritual existence is all about. Like Neale Walsch’s ‘A Conversation with GOD’, this book had a divine hand in, from what I could tell. There was only one passage when I laughed out loud. One of the Angels told him that Buddha—in marked contrast to Yoshua—needed one more reincarnation before his final Ascension. Not that this can’t be right, but I was suspicious that this was again a New Age Christian message that unless we believe in the Son of God we are only second-best spiritual citizens.

SPIRIT exists; all of us spiritual travelers have experienced HER. Christian faith recommends being in constant exchange with SPIRIT and let HER do all the heavy lifting. Sure, that is one approach that millions subscribe to. Yet, as a spiritual traveler who has been on this journey for a while, I can tell you that we have our spiritual as well as our more human moments. When we always see everything through the spiritual lens we are either deluding ourselves, or we risk driving ourselves—and others in the process—crazy. The Way of the East is less religious and more scientific instead. Observe the psychological identity called ‘you’, it says. Be mindful of everything you think, say and feel, and study how life interacts with you. 

A spiritual path eventually leads to religion. As we contrast who we are beneath the hood with the identity that we believe we are, our human interferences recede with every spiritual AHA moment, allowing SPIRIT to fill in the blanks. Embrace the SPIRIT in the Holy NOW, appeal to SPIRIT when the going gets tough, but never mind getting your hands dirty when the human side gets the upper hand. Study what is going on and find the break-through to do better next time around. Faith and mindfulness can go hand in hand—there is a time for both. Test the Christian hypothesis and show that love conquers it all. Yet, if there days when you are left with dirty laundry and no one volunteers, just do it yourself. SPIRIT was nice enough to invent washer and dryer for us.

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