Friday, February 2, 2018

A Network of Light-Workers

A colleague of mine emigrated from the Czech Republic, the country that was still the best positioned in a group of miserably performing communistic countries. Still, advanced as it was, the Czech Republic suffered from the same malaise every communistic regime  experienced at that time, there was a chronic shortage of goods and services. Depressing as this may sound, she remembers her time of growing up in a positive light. Yes, officially, there was not that much to buy or to trade, but off the grid a lot happened. The philharmonic musician gave piano and violin lessons, the plumber worked overtime at nights and on weekends, and the butcher put the juiciest steak beneath the counter for the upcoming wedding of a good friend, etc..People knew and trusted each other, and they all helped each other out. I would argue that this pragmatic barter system of relying on each other’s goods and services has an important message for us light-workers; we trade karmic blessings and propel each other on our path.

I embarked on a healing journey many years ago, guided by a healer. We met in one of the many spiritual communities, which in our case, shut down shortly after we had met. I, in turn, am a pretty good writer, and help her getting her message out in a joint forthcoming book, ‘The Dance of the Tao’. As a spiritual mentor, I have worked with a young psychic for a while, who is also a multi-talented artist in her own right. She is the next generation of spiritual travelers and shall use her artistic and spiritual services to inspire others in her native Denmark, and beyond. Here in the US, I am a member of the Sacred Sanctuary FB community. Many of these globally active spiritual peers have hung out with each other for years. We know and trust each other, and understand each other’s talents. Embedded in a powerful network like this, I am excited to embark today on a full-time journey of spiritual writing and coaching.

I cannot help but wondering whether this spiritual network is the New Earth that Eckhart  Tolle had in mind when he wrote his bestseller book. As it turns out, I am a PhD trained economist, so I am perhaps as qualified to make these bold predictions as anyone. The barter system of karmic services sounds Utopian—and these idealistic models never really survived the test of time—but change seems to be in the air. There is technology that allows us to reach the remotest corner in the world at lightening speed. If I have 10 trusted friends, and each trusted friend has 10 trusted friend of their own, these numbers of connections get pretty big, pretty fast. Let’s connect with each other and use our collective powers to lift each other up and inspire others in the process. I have trust of the global network of light-workers. Why don’t you join us!

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