Friday, February 23, 2018

Friends in Low Places

And I’ll be okay.
I am not big on social graces.
Think I’ll slip on down to the oasis.
Oh, I’ve got friends in low places.
(Garth Brooks, Friends in Low Places)

I have a music collection on my IPad, the ‘Best of the Best’, or BoB as I call them. When I write my spiritual notes, I listen to them as background music. Recently my IPad showed signs of aging, so in order to lengthen its battery life, I now listen to music on my IPhone as I work on my IPad. Well, Bob doesn’t show up there for some reason, and I now  listen to all my purchased songs instead. What a difference! Over the years I must have subconsciously cleaned out the collection to surround myself with the purest energy possible. In the  ‘Best of the Best’, there are no regrets (Adele’s ‘Could have had it all’), no anger (Carrie Underwood’s ‘See you again’), no death, as in ‘One sweet day’, no sadness (Taylor Swift’s ‘Back to December’) and certainly no drinking to forget (Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places).

What a nonsense! We can’t shut out life as we travel a spiritual path. I thank my aging IPad for teaching me a valuable lesson!

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