Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Age of Miracles

There was once a small round object, floating in ‘nothingness’—as some scientists conjecture—and after an unimaginable explosion, it created our Universe, not to mention some possible parallel universes, and the fact that our Universe is still expanding at a mind blowing pace.

Everything is One, and the Law of creation and services states that we get what we give. The Way of the Christ is therefore physics. It is the recognition that the governing principle of the Universe is love. Embrace it, anticipate it, appeal to it, and abundance is yours to have.

The Law of Attraction works but it has one distorting element in it—the ego. Don’t manifest what the ego wants, manifest what you and God equally want and all your dreams will come true. This is the claim of the Course in Miracles.

Yet, even God’s Co-creators have one interference to deal with, the ego doubts that lion and lamb can lie together, as the Bible puts it. The ego believes that strength and power has to come at the expense of innocence. This is not true, but you have to prove it!

The Age of Miracles is a thought system. Run little experiments and see whether you can make it come true. The ego can be swayed, but changing subconscious thought processes needs lots of repetition.

The Bible says, ‘by their fruit ye shall know them’. Give the God hypothesis a try. What exactly do you have to lose? Has your existing roadmap given you riches and happiness? I don’t think so. Give the Age of Miracles a chance.

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