Monday, February 12, 2018

When Passion joins Purpose, and Drive meets Innocence

Every situation, no matter how challenging, is conspiring to bring you into greater vibrational energy.
(Panache Desai)

A friend saw in a vision a door made out of wood with beautiful Angel wings carved on it. The door cracked open and she saw the  Universe on the other side. As she looked back, she saw a volcano spilling hot lava, headed for her. A lamb raced away from the lava and tried catching up with my friend. In the nick of time, they both made it through the door before the lava could reach them.

The Bible says, the lamb and the lion shall lie together. Innocence and strength are not in conflict. In her vision, passion (the lava) and purpose (being One with the Universe) can be both accomplished without sacrificing innocence (the lamb). I had a similar dream in meaning, though much simpler. I saw a snake with Angel wings. The fellow who got us kicked out of the Garden (snake) was purified by the power of the Angels.

It is the marriage of passion and purpose. It is union of our drives with holiness. Let’s go after what makes our heart beat faster when it comes to sex, work, or our hobbies without sacrificing our spiritual vision. The Way will assure that our innocence will not burn in the fire of passion. Let the force of the volcano provide the raw energy, and let the wisdom of the spirituality show us the Way.

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