Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Get your Self out of the Way

“When Buddha became enlightened, a very great and learned person approached him.  Buddha was looking so god-like, so tremendously beautiful and graceful, that the person asked, 'Are you a god?' Buddha said, 'No.' The person asked, 'Are you a great saint?' Buddha said, 'No.' Then the  person asked, 'Then who are you?’ Buddha laughed and said, 'I am aware.' Just this much – 'I am aware.' He has said a tremendous thing.  He says, 'How can I be identified with any label - god, saint, sinner, this and that? I am aware - the dream is finished.

(Osho, Get your self out of Way)

This is all to spiritual journey really, the understanding that we are aware at this blessed moment when we are in touch with a Force from beyond. I am not sure how much more often we can restate Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’! Did you know that his bestselling book was rejected by one publishing house on the grounds that his idea is as old as spirituality itself? True, but it still caused a wildfire in the spiritual community as we needed a refresher at that time.

There are probably as many paths to establish that divine connection as there are spiritual travelers. What is is that makes you come alive? What is it that gives you purpose? Follow that and chances are Spirit will wait for you there. Some experience magic in nature; many experience the creative spark in their interactions with other people; some see synchronicity and messages in life’s occurrences, and some discover divinity in their life mission. The spark is always around, ready to be ignited once again, and tailored to our individual talents. What we have to do is to minimize the self-imposed obstacles to receive this blessing. As Osho puts it so succinctly, we have to get our self out of the Way.

The ego is persistent and clever, and is equally happy to put on spiritual clothes. That was perhaps the most unpleasant lesson learned for me personally. My forthcoming book, ‘The Way of the Meister’, aims to help with the process of finding the divine spark and to help getting our self out of the Way. Being a Meister is not a title, and not a privilege. The Awakening spiral is never-ending, and it is always one spark at at time for us to experience. There is always awareness involved to keep the self out of the Way. Yes, I am on a decade long Awakening journey, but you know what, I have to work as hard as anyone to keep the sparks flying.

There is spiritual ascendency along the Way. Our energy vibrations rise naturally; the people we hang out with adjust accordingly. On an Awakening journey we are in for the ride of our life. How exactly, and where we are headed, takes a Meister like yourself to figure out. I hope ‘The Way of the Meister’ can give you some inspirations, and provided you with some new tools. It is your movie, and as a co-production with the Way, it is sure to be a good one. As you learn to get your Self out of the Way, hope you can share your spiritual handicraft with us one day too.

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