Friday, April 27, 2018

Just Be One with that Feeling

Some wealthy folks are happy; some poor folks as well. Some wealthy folks are miserable; some poor folks as well. We feel as we do and naturally blame our external circumstances for it. It can sometimes be the reason, but sometimes it is just an excuse. You have probably all seen the Christmas movie, ‘It’s a wonderful life’ when George Bailey is at risk of losing his business and even faces jail, yet after a spiritual Awakening he joyfully faces all that. It is a prime example that external circumstances can just serve as a symbol that explain to us why we are going through what we experience. I am not saying that you should now scream ‘hallelujah’ and can look forward to be born again, but I am saying that you should be one with the feeling you experience and know that the feeling is the issue to work on, just as much as the external circumstances may be.

Be one with the feeling you experience without having an opinion about it and just see what happens.

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