Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Hook

GOD knows about all our upcoming personal entanglements in years ahead. An opening door today may open countless more; a closed one may give us a well-deserved time-out on our endeavors. So what if our ego has some involvement if we approach someone; that’s why life added a little hook to the person who walks into our life. The ego falls in love, and Spirit waits patiently to show us why.

We can always ask, what is the intention behind our move? It is quite alright if the ego is falling for the hook as long as the spiritual purpose is there. Our fears are just the inverse. We see the sharp hook and get scared. Yet, if there is spiritual meaning in the situation, we can always picture how Spirit will make the scary situation worth our while. Just picture all the future doors that might be opening just because we took that little step towards GOD today.

GOD’s KINGDOM doesn’t have any hooks; they are not necessary because we can see what each person and situation truly stands for. In the interim though, ego and Spirit have to dance a little. That is quite alright. Don’t be afraid of the ego and what makes you tick. Have fun and run with the situation at hand. Should the ego get the better of you after all, take the time to disentangle yourself. Don’t let a mistake of the past define who you are today.

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