Saturday, April 7, 2018

When our Soul joins EveryONE

Consciousness has produced this play. Consciousness has written the script. Consciousness is playing all the characters, and Consciousness is witnessing the play. It is a one (wo)man show.
(Ramesh Balsekar, my edit)

Our Soul has been around a while longer than our conscious mind. We have a homework to complete— a Soul mission—that we agreed to embark on before we were born. Life has been set up perfectly up to this moment to help us transcend our past. In the holy Now our body is a mere mirror of the demands of the moment. Being right-minded about our quest and our life purpose sets us up to leave the weighty karma of the past behind. Our Soul cheers us on every step of the journey, knowing quite well that we shall soon put our holy quest to rest. Enlightenment is the Awakening to divine Consciousness. The ray realizes that it is part of the sun. The wave knows that it is part of the ocean. Standing next to GOD, our Soul joins everyONE.

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